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About Us

Dittmar Stone & Tile opened in Ponoka, Alberta in 2010. Our staff's unique combination of skills and background, allows us to offer exceptional products and services.

Our staff brings years of experience in the granite and flooring industry, along with European training in stonemasonry and drafting. This rare background ensures we are not just acquainted with the products we offer. We know our products intimately and understand how they respond to various design challenges. Most importantly Dittmar Stone & Tile’s customers are delighted with the results in their homes and businesses.

Dittmar Stone & Tile is known for creative, unique and innovative designs that have the touch of a true artist. We use high quality materials, and guarantee the finest workmanship, all while responding to your timelines. Dittmar Stone & Tile works with granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and any other natural or artificial stone or tile products.

Whether you are looking for a stylish but functional kitchen countertop, a bathroom renovation, or a custom fireplace, turn to Dittmar Stone & Tile for an exceptional result.


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